Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

Welcome to the Curio Cabinet.

The Curio Cabinet is my little shoppe of wonder.

It contains nothing you need, only things that are a delight + a pleasure.

(Though really, they speak to the magical innocent child in you, so you are investing in your heart + spirit.)


Art prints on Etsy: A visual path to presence. (Want an image that’s not here, let me know. I am here to delight you.)

Images to Go: Love my work? Not ready to buy a print? Treat yourself to a digital starter pack. (Alternate uses: dressing up your desk or creating your very own postcards.)

Healing collections: Create a beautiful office in a ridiculously easy manner. Designed for healers of all types + shapes + sizes.


The Story Club: It’s like a Fruit of the Month club, but for stories.

Personalized children’s story: Let a child you love become part of a wee + wonderful story. (Want me to write a story just for them? Let’s talk!)

Let’s fill the mail with love.

Lovely things to mail on Etsy: Cards + postcards, mysterious love notes, and more.

p.s. Do you remember when I used to be a Reiki person?

Well, I still am. And the energy is more nourishing than ever.

It’s all right here.

Love my work? Want to share my offerings with others?

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