Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

a singing fire

August 3, 2015 | a singing fire

beauty is the sound of a milkweed lament
throbbing around a singing fire
and life
echoing through a whirlwind of elastic fireflies.

a bouquet of wildflowers

July 26, 2015 | a bouquet of wildflowers

in this moment, i am full to the brim.

there is dirt under my fingernails. there is sand between my toes. my body is golden brown from the sun. my hair is wet from the lake. there are probably grass stains on my clothing.

my room is full of wildflowers. my sheets smell like fresh air. the stars will dance above me when i bring atlas out for his middle-of-the-night potty run.

my bowl of (natural) treasures includes dried wild rose petals and an almost perfectly preserved dragonfly – the head & part of one wing are missing – its fragile wings as clear as glass.

in this moment, i am full to the brim with love.

i am in the mood to spread this love around.

if you could use a dose of love, of delight, of magic, send me your mailing address, and i’ll send you a little something in the mail.

from me. to you. with love.


July 19, 2015 | nepenthe

{an extremely irregular series comprised of visual definitions}


noun ne·pen·the \nə-ˈpen(t)-thē\

1 : a potion used by the ancients to induce forgetfulness of pain or sorrow

2 : something capable of causing oblivion of grief or suffering

(definition courtesy of merriam-webster)

the story behind the series.

i am in the middle of one hundred names for love by diane ackerman. it is full of beautiful (& seldom used) words. naturally, it has me thinking a lot about language.

of course there are good reasons to write simply, to use simple words to convey complex ideas, to consider the language knowledge of your readers. once upon a time, i taught people how to do this. at the same time, there is something wonderful about using all the words we have available to us. it makes me sad to think of words just sitting there .. waiting .. growing dusty & unused & then simply forgotten.

since i love language, and i love to pair things, these visual definitions are my way of paying tribute to the words i love.

the color of summer

July 12, 2015 | the color of summer

as seen through the eyes of a wandering fairy.

this reminds me of a story.

did you know that she used to have a twinkle in her eye? it went out for an afternoon walk one day and wandered into a field of flowers. the twinkle wanted to come home, it really did, but it nestled underneath a daisy for a nap and was wooed on awakening by a butterfly who saw it and fell madly in love. the two of them set up house together underneath an overgrown mushroom. when winter came, the twinkle grew tired of outdoor living, but it just couldn’t find its way back to its girl.

in the silence

July 5, 2015 | in the silence

wildflowers & waves remind me to slow down, be present & listen.

a silent wet protest

July 2, 2015 | a silent wet protest

i laughed when i saw this in person & i laugh every time i see the photo. clearly atlas is protesting. (though i have to wonder why, since he is not a beach dog. maybe it’s like the bathroom door. it’s not that he wants to come in anymore; he just wants to know he has the option.)

first swim of the summer!

June 28, 2015 | Bete Gris in the Keweenaw Peninsula

my first swim of the season took place on saturday. now it feels like summer!

my favorite beach: bete gris
my favorite lake: superior
my favorite summer activity: a beach day complete with campfire + s’mores

(i think the sand at bete gris has magical properties. i keep touching the bottoms of my feet. they’re so smooth & soft!)

lilac season has come & gone

June 22, 2015 | lilac season has come & gone

lilac season is short but sweet here. i appreciate every single moment.

last year, i had at least one vase of lilacs in my bedroom every day they were in bloom. this year, i had two or three. every time i opened the door, the sight & scent of all the lilacs made me smile with pleasure.

(at first, i was hesitant to pick them at all, but my dad told me that they bloom best with a good pruning. now, i just make sure that each bunch i pick comes from a different set of lilac bushes. and there are so so so many bushes here to choose from!)

the lilacs are gone from the bushes now, but there is still one vase of them in my room. instead of the petals dropping from the branches, which is what usually happens as they die, they dried on the branches in the vase. it was a wonderful surprise – clearly a bit of nature solstice magic.

lake plumbago

June 15, 2015 | lake plumbago

last thursday, i went on a road trip to iron river with the pup – to visit a coffee shop called the bearded apple and meet a friend & her pup for a picnic.

there were so many places i wanted to stop and take pictures along the way but i left the house a wee bit later than i planned, so i only allowed myself to stop twice – a park next to this lake was one of them. (i actually drove by at first, but then i turned around and went back because i knew i’d be sorry if i didn’t.)

doesn’t it just look like a lake plumbago?

exquisite presence

June 12, 2015 | exquisite presence