Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

to mark rothko, with love

October 22, 2014 | to mark rothko, with love

{an extremely irregular series: tribute the first, tribute the second, tribute the third.}

dear mark rothko,

your paintings pierce my heart.
your paintings nourish my spirit.
your paintings express the inexpressible.

i wish i could send my deepest appreciation to you on a radiant shooting star. but i believe that love is everywhere, and that our souls never die, so i trust that you feel it, everywhere you are.

you inspire me. always.

in gratitude,
your (not-so-secret) admirer

you matter

October 19, 2014 | you matter

today, i feel moved to say this:

you matter.

a few weeks back, i watched an episode of the mindy project.

at one point in the episode, mindy says to danny, “i think the reason i tell everyone about us is because i want it to be real. the more real it seems, the less likely it is that it could all get taken away from me.”

this got me thinking about how we want to matter – to someone, to anyone.

we want to know that it matters that we were here, that we made a difference, that someone cares.

but here’s the thing: sometimes the moments we matter the most are the moments we aren’t aware of at all.

like the time you treated someone with respect + dignity. (you didn’t know they were judging themselves harshly for being in that particular situation at all.)

like the time you smiled and held open the door for someone. (you didn’t know they were feeling unseen.)

like the time you issued an invitation to someone. (you didn’t know they were feeling lonely and disconnected.)

like the time you sat and listened to someone. (you didn’t know they were feeling unheard and rejected.)

like the time you forgave your own self, or let yourself off the hook, or met yourself with love. (you didn’t know how much you needed it.)

this made me think of feathers.

i think of feathers as messages from the angels. when i am feeling small, or lost, or alone, i look for feathers; i always always find them.

you might be a feather in someone’s path right now.
you were certainly a feather in someone’s path in the past.
you will be a feather in someone’s path in the future.

most of the time, you will never know those moments happened.

whether they do, or whether they don’t, you always always matter.

you matter because you exist.

you truly truly matter.

tiny bits of color in a pale blue sky

October 17, 2014 | tiny bits of color in a pale blue sky | tiny bits of color in a pale blue sky | tiny bits of color in a pale blue sky

this is the tamarack tree. the latin name is larix laricina.

in spring and summer, the tamarack resembles an evergreen. in winter, its branches are bare. in autumn, the tamarack’s needles turn golden before they fall to the ground.

this color change seems to happen overnight. one day, there it is, right in front of me! a tree that’s flecked with gold.


October 15, 2014 | atlas says woof

hello, you.

it’s fall!

i like fall.

we have been tromping through the woods, on and off the trails.

i am smelling all the smells and chasing all the things.

i wish you could join me!

your friend, atlas

may you touch dragonflies

October 12, 2014 | Unknown | may you touch dragonflies

atlas and i were on an adventure this weekend when these red leaves called to me. they stood tall above the golden weeds, a single branch of red, in front of a very blue lake. i had to wade through the weeds to get to them.

when i saw this photo, i knew why they had summoned me. they were not autumn leaves, but a dragonfly, and the dragonfly wanted to be witnessed.

(they could also be a fairy or a butterfly or a bird in flight, but i saw the dragonfly first.)

thank you, joseph campbell

October 11, 2014 | Joseph Campbell | the path before you

i found this quote on the internet today and had to share. i both love and hate it.

love because – truth.

hate because – truth.

i want to see the whole path, not just the next step!

(and yes, i am very fond of book + movie spoilers.)

my eyes are opened

October 7, 2014 | my eyes are opened

this swamp is right in front of my parents’ house. i looked at it multiple times a day, every single day i was home, from the summer before third grade until the summer after college. (that’s fourteen years, give or take. i subtracted a year for a semester abroad + a summer internship + a fall co-op assignment.)

last year, i noticed that the swamp has layers of green and gold in autumn. it’s so beautiful! all those years spent across from it. how did i miss this?

it makes me wonder what else i’m not noticing. because i suspect the essence of this is true of everything.

the color purple

October 5, 2014 | the color purple

as i scanned the wooden tables at the farm stand, looking for peaches, i saw two brown baskets full of plums. their color drew me in.

i picked a plum from the basket. it was firm, oval in size, smaller than the plums at the supermarket, cold to the touch, and wet from the rain. i looked at that reddish purple plum, and i found it more pleasing to my eye than the orange peaches & pumpkins, the red nectarines & tomatoes & peppers & apples, the green peppers & corn & butternut squashes, the yellow acorn squashes.

that was today. | the color purple

last week, i looked at the reds – the tomatoes & apples, their color dulled a little by the bright sun – and i found them most pleasing.

the road less traveled

October 2, 2014

wishing you ..

wishing you a road less traveled, in your inner or outer world.

a weimiversary in the wilderness

September 29, 2014 | it's a weimiversary!

on september 21st, 2003, a six month old weimaraner came home with me. i named him atlas.

on september 21st, 2014, atlas and i celebrated our 11 year weimiversary by hiking in the porcupine mountains wilderness state park with my sister helen (atlas’s second favorite person).

it was the perfect way to spend the day. the fall colors were glorious.

and even after 11 years, atlas is still the best. puppy. ever. i will love him to the moon and back forever. | porcupine mountains wilderness state park

lake of the clouds: a lake that is often very aptly named. | porcupine mountains wilderness state park | porcupine mountains wilderness state park | atlas says: this is what i think of photo-taking

atlas says: this is what i think of all this photo-taking. | porcupine mountains wilderness state park | u.s. 41 in the upper peninsula

we saw this field on the way there so stopped on the way back for some pictures. the reminder in my iphone said, “stop one mile after lake xxx sign, open field with color”. fortunately, we still found it. | u.s. 41 in the upper peninsula | u.s. 41 in the upper peninsula

i still can’t believe all the color! all the glorious magnificent resplendent abundant color.