Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

a silent wet protest

July 2, 2015 | a silent wet protest

i laughed when i saw this in person & i laugh every time i see the photo. clearly atlas is protesting. (though i have to wonder why, since he is not a beach dog. maybe it’s like the bathroom door. it’s not that he wants to come in anymore; he just wants to know he has the option.)

first swim of the summer!

June 28, 2015 | Bete Gris in the Keweenaw Peninsula

my first swim of the season took place on saturday. now it feels like summer!

my favorite beach: bete gris
my favorite lake: superior
my favorite summer activity: a beach day complete with campfire + s’mores

(i think the sand at bete gris has magical properties. i keep touching the bottoms of my feet. they’re so smooth & soft!)

lilac season has come & gone

June 22, 2015 | lilac season has come & gone

lilac season is short but sweet here. i appreciate every single moment.

last year, i had at least one vase of lilacs in my bedroom every day they were in bloom. this year, i had two or three. every time i opened the door, the sight & scent of all the lilacs made me smile with pleasure.

(at first, i was hesitant to pick them at all, but my dad told me that they bloom best with a good pruning. now, i just make sure that each bunch i pick comes from a different set of lilac bushes. and there are so so so many bushes here to choose from!)

the lilacs are gone from the bushes now, but there is still one vase of them in my room. instead of the petals dropping from the branches, which is what usually happens as they die, they dried on the branches in the vase. it was a wonderful surprise – clearly a bit of nature solstice magic.

lake plumbago

June 15, 2015 | lake plumbago

last thursday, i went on a road trip to iron river with the pup – to visit a coffee shop called the bearded apple and meet a friend & her pup for a picnic.

there were so many places i wanted to stop and take pictures along the way but i left the house a wee bit later than i planned, so i only allowed myself to stop twice – a park next to this lake was one of them. (i actually drove by at first, but then i turned around and went back because i knew i’d be sorry if i didn’t.)

doesn’t it just look like a lake plumbago?

exquisite presence

June 12, 2015 | exquisite presence

on telling the truth

June 8, 2015 | on telling the truth

atlas has friends everywhere. some of them have met him in person. some of them haven’t.

sometimes i wonder if people love atlas because of who he is, or if they love him because of how i write about him. i decided that it’s a little bit of both. of course atlas is wonderful – he’s atlas! but i also write about him in a way that lets other people get to know him.

i was thinking about this (while walking atlas, of course) when i realized something important.

dogs are experts at showing us who they are.

i don’t want to go swimming!

i ate that cat poop & it was delicious.

i don’t care if i’ve only walked five feet. i am hot & i am done walking & i want to lie down in the grass.

can i come? please?

i love you.

dogs always tell the truth about themselves – without apology or shame or hesitation.

i can think of so many times over the years when i didn’t tell the truth about myself.

i’d love to go out with you. but instead of meeting for drinks, i’d rather meet for coffee.

i agree with [those people you are currently ridiculing].

i like young adult fiction! in fact, i often prefer it to adult fiction.

i do want to come dancing this weekend. but i’ve never gone before – i wasn’t allowed to dance when i was growing up – so would you be willing to tell me what to wear & what to do?

i love you.

instead of telling the truth, i lied, or made excuses, or said nothing.

i was afraid that if i told the truth, i would be shamed or judged or rejected.

when i look back, i can see that it was just the opposite.

if i had told the truth, it would have deepened existing relationships, and it would have been easier for the right people to find me & love me.

yet another life lesson i could have learned from my dear wise atlas.


June 3, 2015

when the pup & i walked out the front door the other night, we were greeted by an almost full moon, peeking out at us from behind tire tread clouds. while i marveled at the clouds, five geese in a v formation came out of the eastern sky & flew right in front of the moon. then they continued on toward the west, as if they were following the tire tracks home.

it felt like a moment created just for me, and i had to stand and savor it.

mysteries, yes

May 30, 2015 | mysteries, yes | mysteries, yes | mysteries, yes

“Let me keep company always with those who say “Look!” and laugh in astonishment, and bow their heads.”

~ Mary Oliver, Mysteries, Yes

5 things that made me smile

May 26, 2015

1. these cherry blossoms! | cherry blossoms

my mom’s cousin has cherry trees in her backyard. last year, i ate the fruit. this year, i saw the blossoms.

2. this sunset! | lake superior sunset

remember when i missed the part of the sunset where the sun is still inches above the lake? i caught it the next night and it was spectacular.

3. this art! | art by robin laws

my friend robin is a wonderful artist & storyteller. when i saw this painting, i knew i needed a print, because i could not stop thinking about her.

4. this pair! | atlas & friend

i loved how my nephew would pause every so often on his constant journey toward atlas. (being an auntie is the best.)

5. this bumblebee! | bumblebee

at times, he reminded me of a very tiny bull rider.

how about you? what made you smile?


May 22, 2015 | glory | glory | glory | glory | glory

i wish i had caught the moment where the sun turned into an orange ball of fire in the sky. i saw a glimpse of it through the trees as i was driving down to the lake and it was so impossibly beautiful that my hand went to my heart & tears came to my eyes.

glory, glory, glory.