Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

’tis the season for wild apples

September 21, 2014 | 'tis the season for wild apples

the wild apple must be a distant cousin of the lilac. in their respective seasons, they each grow in profusion here in the keweenaw peninsula.

it is now wild apple season and i try an apple from every tree i pass. as thoreau said, “what is sour in the house a bracing walk makes sweet. some of these apples might be labeled, ‘to be eaten in the wind.’”

there are many sour apples, to be sure. but every so often, i find a tree with apples that are perfect for pies or crumbles or just-plain-eating.

treasure hunting

September 18, 2014 | treasure hunting

i love treasure hunting. in my case, that treasure is often feathers.

last year, a friend mentioned that she was gifted an owl feather. for a second, i imagined how fun it would be to find one. months later, i was hiking with the pup at a nearby state park – 2000 miles away from my friend and her feather – when i glanced down and saw the most beautiful feather.

after a thorough review of the feather atlas, i determined that the feather belonged to a great horned owl. so, my wish-in-passing came true. i found an owl feather! i am still over-the-moon delighted by this.

i created a vignette with my owl feather and my other michigan treasures.

there is a shed antler, found by my dad years ago and given to me when i found it in a box in the basement, exclaimed over it, and asked for it. (atlas doesn’t care about antlers in the store, but he is fascinated by this antler.)

there is a circle of birch bark, found by me in the woods. (it’s around my favorite candle, which i bought in portland and which smells like a candy cane. exactly like a candy cane. i can sniff it for hours.)

and there is a heart in a walnut shell, found by me in my grandparents’ yard when i was raking this spring.

i thought nothing could top my owl feather.

until i found this. | treasure hunting

i was sitting in the passenger seat, on my way to a camp in jacobsville with a sister, when a feather on a gravel road caught my eye as we drove by.

when i exclaimed over the size of the feather, my sister turned around and we drove back over the road slowly, looking for it. it wasn’t there. sadly, i told her she could turn around. but when she did, i saw the feather up ahead, and this time i jumped out and grabbed it.

after another thorough review of the feather atlas, i determined that this feather belonged to a wild turkey. coincidentally, two wild turkeys had crossed the road in front of us en route to jacobsville.

next, i would like to find a cardinal feather.

i saw a cardinal – in rhode island – so i think the feather must be on its way.

do you keep an eye out for treasures?

what are yours?

the harvest moon

September 16, 2014 | the harvest moon

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”

~ George Carlin

i love my niblings

September 14, 2014 | i love my niblings

well, another tiny baby has wiggled its way into my auntie heart. i love this little boy so much i can hardly stand it.

today, i said goodbye. to benjamin. to savannah. to my sister. then, i cried, because i missed them already. i want everyone to live right by me so i can see them often. but i had three weeks with benjamin and savannah, and it was glorious.

(apparently niblings is the term for nieces & nephews. i didn’t like it at first, but now it’s growing on me.)

atlas meets a pup named mandy

September 10, 2014 | atlas meets a pup named mandy | atlas meets a pup named mandy | atlas meets a pup named mandy | atlas meets a pup named mandy | atlas meets a pup named mandy | atlas meets a pup named mandy | atlas meets a pup named mandy | atlas meets a pup named mandy | atlas meets a pup named mandy | atlas meets a pup named mandy

mandy is a 15 month old service dog we met at the lake. she took a great liking to atlas and chased him around & around & around.

(she and her brother were having so much fun in the water that i thought atlas might follow them in. nope. he looked at them bemusedly and then turned away.)

you belong among the wildflowers

September 5, 2014 | you belong among the wildflowers | you belong among the wildflowers | you belong among the wildflowers | you belong among the wildflowers | you belong among the wildflowers | you belong among the wildflowers

you belong somewhere you feel free.

(sometimes, i think i wound up here to learn about being wild and free, so these lyrics often spring to mind. thanks, tom petty.)

hello gorgeous

September 2, 2014 | hello gorgeous

once upon a time, there lived a girl named lily. her hair was the color of flax, her blue eyes were as wide as the sea, and she was wiser than anyone realized.

one day, lily looked in the mirror and saw a flaxen-haired blue-eyed girl looking back at her. the girl in the mirror looked just as surprised and delighted as lily felt.

the two girls smiled at each other.

“hello gorgeous,” the girl whispered to lily. then she blew lily a kiss and waved goodbye. lily waved and blew kisses back.

as the girl in the mirror turned away, her whisper floated through the mirror and landed in lily’s heart and she knew that she was loved.

the end.

bedtime stories with savannah

August 29, 2014

every night, savannah and i lie in the dark and tell stories. i thought you might like to join us, in case you have a 3 year old who wants “another story!” too.

(like this? it’s essentially a miniature version of the story club, so you might like that too.)


August 26, 2014 | pellucid

pellucid: a visual definition.

(this is the lake i grew up swimming in. isn’t the crystal clarity of the water remarkable!)

that would be awesome

August 24, 2014

savannah and her new baby brother are here for a visit. i am quite sure she is the most adorable little three year old ever ever ever.

“good job, kiddo,” she said to atlas, while hugging him. (he was not doing anything at all.)

“yes. that would be awesome!” she replied to me, when i asked her if she would like puffins for breakfast.

“are you cracking eggs? well done.” she said to me, when she saw me cracking eggs for pancakes.

(it’s possible i feel about my nieces + nephews the way i feel about atlas, in that even their breathing is the cutest thing ever.)

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