Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

welcome to narnia

December 21, 2016 | welcome to narnia

in about a week’s time, we received a winter’s worth of snow. along with it, an entrance to narnia.

needless to say, my snowshoes and i are delighted. | welcome to narnia | welcome to narnia | welcome to narnia

dsc_5336 | welcome to narnia | welcome to narnia

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  1. Jerry Critter

    Beautiful snow pictures, Elisabeth. Unfortunately, I keep envisioning Atlas standing in the middle of it.

    We just lost a four legged family member. She was our son and family’s 15 year old long haired female German shepherd named Lulu.

    • elizabeth

      Oh, Jerry. I’m so sorry! Our furry friends/family are so hard to lose. My heart is with you.

      p.s. Angel Atlas said to tell you that he would not, in fact, be standing there. He is opposed to sinking in snow.

  2. it is!
    it is Narnia.
    the pictures are so beautiful Elizabeth.
    it was 74 degrees here yesterday on Christmas day.
    I would have chosen your snow!

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