Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

a hot summer night at lily pond

July 27, 2014 | a hot summer night at lily pond | a hot summer night at lily pond | a hot summer night at lily pond | a hot summer night at lily pond

last monday evening, my sister and pup and i went to lily pond – a public boat launch on the houghton canal – to cool off before bed. (when the temperature is high, 10pm is the perfect time for a swim.)

it was so fun jumping off the dock into the canal. i felt like a little kid. atlas deigned to join us, but he did walk partway down the boat ramp afterward to get a drink of water.

(i don’t know why it’s called lily pond. maybe it’s near a lily pond? back in the day, whenever my cousins came to town, they’d swim at lily pond. i never joined them. i thought it was a lily pond and i preferred the lake. clearly i missed out!)

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  1. Sometimes labels can be misleading.

  2. this reminded me of all the swimming we did in northern Minnesota lakes… brrrr!!!
    one lake was ominously named leech lake.
    and sure enough…
    when you walked out of the water after swimming…
    you had to remove all these little black things from your body … then watch the trickles of blood running down your skin.
    and yet… everybody swam there anyway! LOL.

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