Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

picture this: you open your mailbox and spring falls out

February 16, 2014

i was walking on the frozen lake during golden hour when i had a vision.

i saw me: slipping something delightful, something hopeful, something wonderful into the mail for you.

i saw you: opening your mailbox and inhaling the scent of spring.

it’s true, you can find the magic in winter day after day after day.

but sometimes, you really just need a reminder that spring will always come.

won’t you let me be the one to remind you?

i love happy surprises, so that is all i am going to say.

i trust that you will know if this offer calls to you.

if it does, you know what to do!

the price: $6

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  1. that tulip is the very essence of spring!
    just beautiful! as are all your delights that come in the mail!

    • elizabeth

      That is one thing I am really missing ~ the early tulips in Portland. Happily, I have lots and lots and lots of photos of them!

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