Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

in darkness & light

January 22, 2017 | in darkness & light

i’m rattling the earth
from a cage without bars.
i’m silent as fury
in wars about wars.

i spit and i sputter –
snap crackle and scorn.
i wait and i wither –
beholden and torn.

surrounded yet lonely,
i’m chilled to the bone.
my spirit is weary.
my heart-strings are worn.

there’s chaos within
and destruction without.
down float feathers from angels;
a bomb took them out.

i can’t seem to find me
in darkness and night;
until i remember
i’m darkness and light.

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  1. Jerry Critter

    Is everything OK, Elizabeth?

  2. the world is too much with you?
    if so…
    me too.
    but your words are so beautiful. if or if not.

    • elizabeth

      Not entirely sure. I never quite know where my poems come from, or what they mean, because they write themselves – but if I had to render a guess, I suspect I am learning to be present with anger (my least comfortable emotion).

  3. Sarah

    ‘A bomb took them out’
    I laughed out loud … was not expecting that!

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