Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

that would be awesome

August 24, 2014

savannah and her new baby brother are here for a visit. i am quite sure she is the most adorable little three year old ever ever ever.

“good job, kiddo,” she said to atlas, while hugging him. (he was not doing anything at all.)

“yes. that would be awesome!” she replied to me, when i asked her if she would like puffins for breakfast.

“are you cracking eggs? well done.” she said to me, when she saw me cracking eggs for pancakes.

(it’s possible i feel about my nieces + nephews the way i feel about atlas, in that even their breathing is the cutest thing ever.)

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  1. She obviously has parents who are great believers in positive reinforcement.

    Awesome post, Elizabeth! :)

  2. That is sooo sweet… Don’t you wish that sunny-side-up stage would last and last, just for the laughs? ;o) ((HUGS))

  3. elizabeth

    Jerry: Possibly! Though they aren’t sure where the well done comes from. Neither of them say it.

    Tracy: Sunny-side-up! Yes.

    Today, she said that Atlas smelled minty. Pretty sure that is the nicest compliment he has ever gotten on his smell. :)

  4. Oh, Elizabeth, we’re clearly the same kind of aunties, and we have the same kind of nieces and nephews! Being around them is the sweetest and most delightful thing ever, isn’t it? And it’s quite marvelous to see who they are becoming as they grow up, too, so the fun never ends. Enjoy!

  5. Sherron

    Little Savannah already has a solid handle on operant conditioning! Catch someone doing something you like, then reward them for it. Well done, Savannah!

    • elizabeth

      She probably has a better handle on it than me, and that’s how I tried to train Atlas. I am sure going to miss her when she leaves.

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