Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

teaching an old dog new tricks

August 13, 2014 | teaching an old dog new tricks

atlas stayed with my parents while i was in rhode island.

the last time i left him with my parents, they taught him to sleep through the night. (i was beyond grateful.) this time, they taught him to eat his kibble without the addition of gravy.

it is clear there is a weak link in our relationship, and that weak link is me.

he’s just so cute!

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  1. A weak link?!? I don’t know. Maybe if love is considered a weal link.

    More so, I think it shows the adaptability of dogs to their surroundings and circumstances. After all, eating kibble without gravy is better than not eating kibble at all…at least from a dog’s point of view.

    Is gravy necessary? Of course not. But it makes the kibble taste better. And isn’t that what love is all about?

    We all want a little gravy in our lives.

  2. I’m with Jerry… An love is the gravy of life. We all need a little (well, a LOT) every day. Dogs too. ;o) ((HUGS))

  3. elizabeth

    Tracy: That we do!

    Jerry: I’m mostly teasing about the weak link thing. I mean, I am a weak link .. mostly in that I am inconsistent in my training .. but truth be told, I don’t care. :)
    (For him, eating is my bugaboo. The only times he didn’t eat were when he was really really sick so if he refuses to eat something for even a short while, I doctor it up until he eats it. Hence the gravy. And then he liked the gravy and would wait until I added it. :)

  4. The light in this picture is absolutely gorgeous!

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