Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

seeing myself with love

August 20, 2014 | seeing myself with love

when i learned about burn camps, years ago, i wanted to volunteer. i wanted to help burn victims see their own beauty using photography + art + journaling.

but i knew that unless (until) i could see the beauty in my own scars, i wasn’t (wouldn’t be) ready. since i didn’t know how to do this, i set the dream, and the wish (to find beauty in myself) aside.

something has finally shifted.

whenever i see myself in the mirror, i am inexplicably delighted.

whenever i see myself in the mirror, a loving affirmation (you are amazing! you are beautiful! look at you!) tumbles out of my mouth.

i’m not fixated on my round belly.

i’m not agonizing over the warts on my hands or the chips in my front teeth.
i’m not waving at myself in the mirror to see if my underarms flap.
i’m wearing shirts + dresses that reveal my scars without a second thought.

it’s not that i don’t see the belly or the warts or the chips or the underarms or the scars.

it’s that i finally see me in the mirror, all of me, and i am filled with wonder.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL YOU… beautiful! I takes a long time for us to truly see ourselves, and offer ourselves love. I’m still working on it too. ;o) ((HUGS))

  2. Perhaps you are seeing yourself as others have for quite a while.

  3. I bet you are looking down at Atlas.

  4. elizabeth

    Love to all of you. <3

    Tracy: It *is* a process! Here's to all of us as we live it.

    And Jerry, for once, I am not. I was wearing a tie-front shirt and my sister said that the ties sticking out from my sweatshirt looked like tails so I was looking at them and laughing. (Because they kind of did.)

  5. Yes. YES! Yay, you!!!

  6. Beautiful, inspiring post! Makes me want to print it out and post it by my mirror:) Thank you.

  7. elizabeth

    Relyn: Thank you!

    Leigh: You are so welcome. I’m glad it spoke to you.

  8. First, thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart. I see you are in Portland too, how wonderful!
    I just love this post so much, I love that you see all of you. A good reminder for all of us.

  9. So very wonderful! I wonder how many people reach this place of acceptance.

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