Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

jcrew stylists must love coneflowers

August 9, 2014 | jcrew stylists must love coneflowers

the thing that tripped me up the most, in the early days of finding my own style, was color. color was a complete mystery. how did one know whether one color went with another color? it’s a wonder i wore anything other than blue jeans.

naturally, i was always amazed by the jcrew catalog because they paired the most unlikely seeming (to me) colors together. so much color! and it looked so good.

i just noticed that these coneflowers are pink and orange, and it reminded me of those catalogs. their stylists must draw some of their inspiration from flowers. (i suppose it could be the other way around, but i doubt that coneflowers receive catalogs.)

i need to remember this. in truth, color is still somewhat of a mystery to me; however, i no longer care what other people think about my style choices, so i do manage to wear it.

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  1. Pink and orange is gorgeous together. I find that God already gave us all the best color combinations, don’t you think?

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