Photo by Elizabeth Halt
Photo by Elizabeth Halt

a quiet moment

February 12, 2014

i have inadvertently created a new winter ritual: a pause to notice and enjoy the setting sun. it feels like an anchor of light, a reminder that the days really are growing longer and longer.

yesterday, or maybe the day before, i was outside as twilight tiptoed out and nightfall tiptoed in. as i followed the light from west to east, the color of the sky shifted from royal blue to deep indigo to midnight blue.

then, as i was going through photos of my beloved lake, i noticed these two images. they reminded me how the light (how everything) changes from moment to moment, even when the changes are subtle.

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  1. Twilight ritual… I like that. ;o) There are many times throughout the day that just lend themselves to ritual, observation and heart-touching. Happy Valentine’s Weekend ((LOVE & HUGS))

  2. i have seemed to do that almost unwittingly in the early morning now. when the sun first comes up.
    i open the blinds at night so in the morning the sun will wake me. i love that.
    much like your lovely ritual at dusk.
    just an added little beauty in life’s moments of awareness!

  3. i think you need to make atlas’s facebook more prominent here on your blog!
    i don’t know why and i can’t imagine this…
    as much as i love him…
    but i forgot to go to it! and new people might never find it!
    oh elizabeth.
    there’s another BOOK right there!
    a book of atlas. and the pictures.
    and the captions of what he says… all right there. it would be a best seller.
    i just know it.
    and now i will visit it every day.
    i think the reason i hated minnesota…
    i didn’t have an atlas. xoxo

    • elizabeth

      I’ll mention it one of these days to remind people! I will probably never update the design myself, I care too much about aesthetic and little things do indeed make a difference, but someday, I will be able to hire Allie again, and we will make some updates. :)

  4. elizabeth

    Tracy: There really are. Probably more than we realize, if we just sit down and think about it.

    Tammy: Mmmmm. I love that. I leave my blinds open, more to let air in, but the windows face the west, so I cannot see the sun rise.

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